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Please check and order!!!

I will email you the shipping cost after you order.

Please check your email after ordering.

EMS shipping cost has increased due to COVID-19. 

Because it is overseas delivery, the delivery cost is expensive.

You can save on shipping by placing many orders at once.
Please see the prices below to order.

The default shipping weight for all countries is 500g.

 EMS ( 1 week to 2 weeks ) 

EMS default shipping weight is from 500g.


Asia 500g = $20 ~ $26 (USD)
Europe 500g = $33 ~ $37 (USD)
US, Canada, etc.500g = $28 ~ $37(USD)

Asia 1000g = $22 ~ $28 (USD)
Europe 1000g = $35 ~ $42 (USD)
US, Canada, etc.1000g = $32 ~ $45(USD)

[ How to calculate weight ]


Weight of 1 decal: 10g
Weight of 1 book: 600g

The decal weighs about 10g.

EMS Shipping base weight is 500g. + Packing box weight: 100g~200g


Shipping costs are not displayed for weights over 3kg.
It is not free shipping.
If there are many orders, we will contact you for the shipping cost separately.

If you order one or two, the shipping cost is too expensive.
Order 10 at a time. Order with your friends~

Then you can save on shipping.
Thank you.

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