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Introducing G-REWORK's first custom technique & visualbook.

Modeler Ghost has produced 120 Gunpla models in 9 years

and has shown some inspiring works.

Now you can see how he is making a perfect Gunpla.
It contains the process until his work is made.



1. [PG]EXIA Custom Gallery
2. Types of tools and how to use them
3. [MG]How to work with OOQ FULL SABER.
4. [MG]Custom Image of OOQ


You can see most of the methods and completion of "[MG] OOQ",

so that you can make your own model easily by practicing with the methods offered in this book.


Size : 210*295*80mm 

Weight : 1.4lb
Page : 120p


Copyright (C) 2014 G-rework All Rights Reserved.

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